Isomax Explained

  Isomax is the flagship technology that drives everything that we do at Energy Reconsidered. The simple definition of this would be that it is a hybrid green energy technology that utilizes geothermal and solar power, all while incorporating green construction

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Green Energy is Energy Reconsidered

Energy Reconsidered Inc. (ER) is a construction and product development firm specializing in the delivery and implementation of sustainable and high performance buildings products within the United States of America construction industry. Our goal is to bring the USA closer to and even exceed the European energy model of Passivhaus

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We Say Goodbye to an Old Friend

Recently, we had to say goodbye to an old friend who started this vision. Our CEO and Founder, Manfred Knobel, passed away after a 2 year battle with cancer. Even though Manfred has left on our side on this earthly journey, we are committed to fulfilling his vision of a world that is powered by its' natural, renewable

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401 Crescent Road Project

For the 401 Crescent Road Project, our intention is to reduce the environmental impact of the existing building with two approaches.  The first being to (tighten up the shell of the existing structure) and the second to utilizing new mechanical systems that looks to transfer the current energy consumption from fossil fuel driven

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Across the US, solar radiation ranges from 1.25 kWh/m2/day in parts of Alaska, to over 8 kWh/m2/day in Southern California. When utilized effiecently even in the coolest climates that is nearly 2 time the energy required to regulate a buildings temperature.


The ground has an immense capacity to equalize temperature and retain heat. Imagine a system that could utilize this energy as a starting point to reaching the desired comfort zone instead of beginning from the fluctuating air temperature.


Allowing this naturally occurring and abundant resource we employ this fluid to be the medium in which we harvest, deposit, and reuse the thermal energy between the sun and the earth. One could say it is the thread that ties the two together.


Taking cures for our body. Air is critical for our life. It invigorates and enlivens our blood cells to carry on throughout our veins. The same is true for buildings. We are relying on a continual air flow to ensure the freshest and highest quality air, which ultimately allows us to regulate our spaces within the buildings we build.

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Our Team

  • Michael T. Sebright Founder & Chief Creative Officer

    Michael graduated from Temple University with a degree in architecture and has been a serial entrepreneur since that time.

  • Melissa Chapman-Smith Co-founder & Researcher

    Holding a master’s degree from the Barcelona Institute of Architecture, Melissa can be considered a “generalist” in the field, excelling in architectural design, urban studies, history/theory, and energy technologies.

  • Bryan R. Shearer Chief Financial Officer

    Bryan is also a business owner with a plethora of business management experience, he specializes in branding/marketing online and finance.